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Many call Armenia the cradle of the last civilization, many call it a museum under the open sky... 💜

The country, which existed before the Byzantine Empire, at the same time as the Sumerian civilization, has changed its borders many times, which once stretched from the Mediterranean to the Caspian Sea, and is currently located in the Caucasus Mountains, at the foot of the biblical mountain Ararat.

According to legend, the dove released from Noah's ark saw the peak of Ararat, and it was from this place that the last civilization - ours - began.

There are many historical facts about the ancient land of Urartu or Ayu, many legends and myths that form that special energy field that activates the connection with oneself, one's powers and soul's institutions.

No one comes to Armenia by accident, the soul aspires here to touch the memories, experiences and power of other lives, aspires to collect the fragments of its soul in order to put itself together like a puzzle - its hidden talents, its true desires, to feel its power and hear its Soul's voice, which seems , sounds much clearer here…

Therefore, it seems so incredibly inspiring that all these processes will be able to be experienced in the field and under the guidance of Master Sal Rachele!💙

We will be together for 9 days to experience our most powerful return to wholeness, visiting ancient, extremely powerful and fantastically beautiful places in Armenia.

In the program:
-Sacred places of power;
-Autumn Solstice activation practice;
-Two master classes from Sal Rachele;
-Meditations and channelings with Sal in special places;

-Activation of your sound and voice in monasteries;

-Meditational hang music accompanied by Kristaps;

-Dances in the mountains from Krista;

-And more... New energy, inspiration and ... life from the land of Armenia!

The price of the program - 1500 EUR

Additional costs:
-Airline tickets (21.09, at 20:15 RIX-EVN (Yerevan); 01.10, at 5:00 TBS (Georgia)-RIX);
-Food/eating - 15-20 EUR per day;
-Personal expenses;

*Flight to Yerevan, back You can choose to fly from Georgia (Tbilisi) or go back to Yerevan and fly from there. The tour will end in Haghpat, which is an hour's drive to the Georgian border and about a 4-hour drive to Yerevan. You can safely choose the most convenient and desired option for you. We will help you organize the transfer.

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